Connect with your congregation in the moment via text message

Connect with your congregation in the moment via text message
June 13, 2018 James

Share a resource during a sermon, capture prayer requests, and encourage giving in the moment with an affordable text messaging solution.

Try it now – Text CHURCH to 24365*

With over 99% of messages read and 95% of US adults using mobile phones, mobile messaging has long been proven to be the most effective method to connect, communicate, and drive action. And chances are your own kids prefer texting over calling or emailing. Meet them where they are with texting.

Here’s how:

Engage in the moment with a simple text message menu

Share a blog post or article, conduct quick polls, or capture real-time donations to increase engagement in the moment. Return links to your website, stewardship pages, or prompt with questions to route to a ministry team.

For example, Send CHURCH to 24365 returns:

Text 1 to CONNECT
Text 2 to find a SMALL GROUP
Text 3 to register for the RETREAT
Text 4 to get the post on DEPRESSION
Text 5 to GIVE to our church or a ministry

– The options are limitless, and it’s as simple as sending and responding to a text.

Enable a ministry team inbox or set up automatic prompts to capture needs

Allow your congregation to text your various ministry teams. With our advanced prompting feature, incoming messages are sorted and forwarded, meaning you never miss an opportunity to connect.

For example, you can give people the option to text prayer requests confidentially, yet respond personally. Or use text messaging to schedule and support your family ministry and childcare teams.

Texting is the most efficient and effective way to mobilize people, nearly 80% faster than sending an email with 12x the conversion rate. And now it’s smart. The Rally peer-to-peer (True P2P™) messaging solution is optimized to increase your connections and improve the quality of your conversations.

Schedule a time to talk with our team about your goals and try Rally risk-free!

We have competitive options and strategies to fit any size organization and budget — we can support small congregations with less than 100 members to large ministries with 1,000s of contacts — we’d love to customize a plan for you. Contact us today to learn more.

*Msg & Data Rates May Apply. 24365 is a US SMS Short Code, other options available for international customers.

Questions? Schedule a chat with our team.