A Sampling of Text-2-Comments

We pulled 50 brand mentions, this is what we learned

A Sampling of Text-2-Comments
January 18, 2018 James
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It has been a few months since we launched our Text-2-Comment service. We are grateful for our Early Adopters kicking the tires and helping us work out our kinks while we wait for the launch of our new shortcode and put the finishing touches on our new product.

Thank you!

We wanted to take a minute and share some of the brands that have been mentioned by our Text-2-Comment users, highlight the key topics, and show a summary of the general customer sentiment, that is if they were happy or sad.

Our brand promise is to provide a safe and confidential way for customers to leave comments. So, without our users’ permission, we will not publish the actual comment publically (soon you’ll be able to grant permission in your profile, more on that later). We will never share personal information. Ever. But for now, we’ll share just the high level of what we’ve learned since we get asked about it frequently. And, well it’s just fun to see how you are using it! The Easiest Way to Provide Confidential Feedback to ANY Business #Text2Comment. Here are the brands and companies mentioned by our first group of users. Click To Tweet

Here is a sampling of the first 50 unique brands/locations commented on by our Early Adopters:

Key Topics

The comments in our initial sampling were categorized as relating to the customer’s experience with the employee, facility, product, or brand. We were a bit surprised at the number of comments related to the location itself, these ranged from reporting little critters to positive comments on equipment upgrades. We were a bit surprised at the number of #text2comments related to the location itself, these ranged from reporting little critters to positive comments on equipment upgrades. Click To Tweet

General Sentiment

Let’s look at the breakdown of the general sentiment (Happy 🙂 , Sad 🙁 , Neutral 😐 ). The neutrals were pretty much evenly split. For example, “Love the location, but parking is a bit of a challenge” would be scored between positive and negative. Turns out our #Text2Comment users are pretty happy people. 😉 Click To Tweet

Brand/Business Mentions

And last but not least, here are the businesses mentioned in the sampling. Again, we just pulled the first 50 unique mentions.

What do you think? Interesting, right?  We thought so, but we also like data. Let us know if you’d like to learn more and dig into our findings a little further.  We are always looking for creative ways to make what we are doing just a little more fun (I mean, interesting).

Rally Corp’s Text-2-Comment solution enables business owners to be aware of the needs of their customers, no matter how small. And if needed, respond to improve their experience. All while providing customers an easy way to raise concerns or ask questions before taking a bad experience online via social media or in a negative review. And as a bonus, using the Text-2-Comment universal number, a customer does not need to determine if a particular business is on the platform, they just send the message all the same.