Rally Feature Highlights

Rally Feature Highlights
May 1, 2018 James
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At Rally, we’re on a mission to enhance your business’s ability to connect more deeply and easily with customers. When you succeed, we succeed. With this in mind, our platform has seven core features that drive everything we do.

Universal Number

Connecting with customers has never been easier. One universal number does it all, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When your customer sends a keyword, such as your business name or keyword of your choosing (e.g. social media handle), to 24365, the Rally system will kick off a custom workflow or menu option for your company. From a customer perspective, the universal number is extremely effective because the easy-to-remember number works with every business, so there is no need to memorize a new number or use an alternative method to connect with you. Your contact information or other call-to-actions are readily available to customers on the Rally network.

Smart Menus & Prompts

Your customers can now simply message a number and receive a selection menu with a series of prompts specific to your business. Instead of calling an 800 number and dialing an option, they reply via text from the menu path. This allows your business to share links to a website or have various call-to-actions depending on the customer’s choices and needs. For example, if someone sends ACME to 24365 and then selects #1 for Jobs, he/she will receive a link to a listing of all job openings for ACME. An SMS menu with customizable prompts is a quick way to gather and distribute information via mobile message.

Simple Forms

You can send anything you would normally send via Google Forms or other similar services through SMS prompts. No need to click on a link and fill out a form—just text your answers. The convenience and immediacy of SMS prompt forms allow you to capture a larger audience more efficiently. For example, if you are speaking at an event, instead of telling attendees, “Go to my website, go to events, and sign up,” you can now say, “Text the word EVENT NAME” to 24365 and follow the prompts.” Soon, Rally will also integrate this functionality with MailChimp and Salesforce, syncing the form results with tools you are already using.

No-Spam Campaigns

Our platform offers a double opt-in option and other features that ensure you remain compliant with anti-spam rules and best practices. Users participate by texting a keyword to initiate the relationship and choose to sign up for whatever type of announcements your company wishes to send via mobile messaging, such as blog post updates. This no-spam campaign feature also offers global opt-out which means if people wish to no longer receive messages from you or participate in a campaign, they can quickly reply STOP and our system will know never to text again. We manage all of it for you. What makes Rally unique is with the use of our universal short code 24365, a global welcome message sends terms and conditions, assistance and quick unsubscribe commands the first time anyone interacts with your company via text. This way everyone knows what is happening and what they need to do if they should want to change their preferences.


Just as you would conversationally text your friends, our platform encourages conversational dialogue. We want the process to feel relaxed and easy for people. You and your team can jump into text threads and chat with customers directly. For example, if they sign up for your newsletter, you ask a question to which they can respond, enabling you to further engage in dialogue with them. This way, you can respond to customers directly, one on one, in real time. It’s more personal than mass emailing.

Anonymous and Confidential

When conducting surveys, we provide an option of anonymity. Rally will not share names or mobile numbers. If you don’t ask for it, you don’t get it. This means your customers or employees will answer more honestly, providing more beneficial feedback. You still have the opportunity to directly respond to and converse with them even though you don’t know who they are.

Natural Language Processing

When our system receives a message, it analyzes the text. We automatically look for things such as sentiment, entity, keyphrases, and relationship in text. Did consumers use happy or sad words? This helps you gain incredible insight from text responses, even if you ask open-ended questions.