Honest Feedback - Help me, to help you

Honest Feedback – Help me, to help you
June 15, 2018 Erik
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Gathering honest and actionable feedback and data is critical in any business as it is the fodder of direction and growth. The same goes for our individual improvement, and if you can get honest and specific feedback about your methods and outcomes as a teacher, leader, mentor, or manager, then you are in a position to make transformational changes that will enable you to be at the top of your game.

Rally Corp’s SMS Engagement Tool allows me to ask and capture this feedback in a frictionless and confidential way. Gone are the days of having someone leave constructive but potentially ego-bruising feedback in a public place like LinkedIn or Medium. By texting BIRKY to the number 24365, I am able to quickly see what people think, where I can amp up the signal and reduce the noise.

For example, I tend to get very passionate about the topics that I am discussing. When I give a presentation, that passion can sometimes lead me to speak quickly and tangentially which can lose parts of my audience. I was thankfully alerted to this by someone that had attended a presentation I made earlier this year.

Feedback received!  I was able to apply this new knowledge immediately to my delivery, and I am now actively conscious of my tempo and focus when presenting.

Similarly, I can use this tool to ask engaging questions of my team, audience, or community. I am even able to reward those that take my surveys with links and attachments such as slide decks, ebooks, and PDFs.

I genuinely feel that if you are not growing somewhere, then you are not going anywhere and Rally Corp’s SMS Engagement Tool helps me on my journey to be continuously growing.