Meet Oliver. He's ready.

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Meet Oliver. He’s ready.
December 1, 2017 Michael

Meet Oliver.

His gym has some of the best equipment around and he enjoys his workouts before heading to the office.

But for the last several weeks his favorite machine has been out of service. And while he’s mentioned it to a handful of the staff, it is still broken.

So, Oliver has four options:

  1. Look for a new gym.
  2. Just wait and grow frustrated.
  3. Leave another note in the comment box or ask around for an update.
  4. Text his comment to a universal number he is already familiar with. Oliver knows that even if his gym is not on the Rally platform, the system will search out the appropriate contact and get the message to the right person.

What would you do?  Text “Feedback” to  24365 and give it a try — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Rally Corp enables business owners to be aware of the needs of their customers, no matter how small. And if needed, respond to improve their experience. All while providing customers an easy way to raise concerns or ask questions before taking a bad experience online via social media or in a negative review. And as a bonus, using a universal number, a customer does not need to determine if a particular business is on the platform, they just send the message all the same.