Meet Taylor. She has a concern.

Helping an employee feel safe (& heard)

Meet Taylor. She has a concern.
December 1, 2017 Michael

Meet Taylor.

She loves her new job at a local insurance company.

But she has been working late on a project the last few weeks and when she leaves, she doesn’t feel safe walking through the dark parking garage.

Taylor has three options:

  1. Try to figure out who to tell about her concern while also feeling a little awkward.
  2. Just wait and hope nothing happens or maybe even quit and address it in her exit interview.
  3. Confidentially text her concern to the number given to her by HR when she was hired, choosing if and when to share her name.

What would you do?  Send “Rally” to 24365, or contact us today to request your free trial.

A custom Rally workflow is an easy and effective way to improve employee engagement and reduce turnover. By providing conversational surveys and confidential text messaging, our solution empowers human resource professionals and managers to capture, measure, and respond to employee sentiment and input in a way that values and supports a positive and safe environment.