Is Your Customer Feedback Stuck in an Echo Chamber?

Is Your Customer Feedback Stuck in an Echo Chamber?
May 19, 2017 Michael

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a valuable tool used to rank customer satisfaction and feedback. But when concerns arise, that score doesn’t always offer accurate insights into your user experience.

Are you starting to hear rumblings that a valued customer is looking to leave even though they have been giving you excellent scores on their NPS surveys? Unfortunately, it is a common scenario. Many of our customers are on the hunt for actual user feedback, with one revealing “Our primary point of contact always gives our company a perfect ’10’ when surveyed, yet we were recently surprised to learn that actual users were forming a mutiny on the night shift. I wonder what users really think about our product?” Often times the problem is not with NPS itself, but that your feedback is stuck in an echo chamber.

NPS Scores Disguise Potential Problems

According to Forbes, “NPS measures relationships, not transactions”. Many times NPS surveys are given to a sellers point of contact who may not be the end user. For instance, a software company may send NPS surveys to the head of the IT department who doesn’t engage directly with your product. Because the feedback isn’t coming from the actual user, it may not convey the entire picture. While you’re enjoying some excellent feedback from the IT manager, the end users could be bashing your product to anyone and everyone.  Missing out on direct user feedback can cost you a customer and tarnish your brand reputation.

Find the Feedback You Need

Looking to improve your product interface? The flow of information within companies can become siloed. If your point-of-contact isn’t the end user, you are probably missing out on valuable customer insights. Critical feedback is important for companies to make adjustments that result in client satisfaction and retention. Uncover the valuable voice of your customer and discover the experience of your everyday user.

Dig deeper into potential problems with Rally Corp

Build relationships with the people who matter most through Comments and Conversations. Rally Corp makes it easy for your audience to tell you– directly– about their needs. Using our tool, you can set up automated conversations to start discussions with the people who affect your organization’s bottom line — your end-users.

Customize workflows to get to the right people. No matter what kind of organization you run, you can customize our solution to suit your objectives. Setting up a customizable workflow is easy and straightforward. Want to use Rally Corp to get feedback, reduce churn, or gauge your user’s sentiment? With our platform, you can set up a workflow that works for you.

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