Onboarding New Employees & Managing an Influx of Applicants

Onboarding New Employees & Managing an Influx of Applicants
December 15, 2017 James

The Problem

Job applicants leaving negative online reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed.com is a growing concern. Maybe they did not understand the hiring process or were not kept in the loop on the status of their application, and feeling they had no other recourse to remain anonymous or “safe” they took their grievances online.

Clearly, unfavorable comments taken public can be damaging to a brand not to mention frustrating for hiring managers who are inundated with applicants while managing communication across all the departments and personalities involved. It takes a great deal of time and energy to keep the new employee selection process running smoothly and yet it seems that even the slightest misstep and some will share their comments publically.

What if you could provide an outlet to allow an applicant to interact with your hiring team confidentially and address concerns before they take them public?  Or better yet, what if you could use a simple solution to move candidates through a defined workflow, keeping everyone in the loop on their status in the application process — all while still allowing a safe outlet to connect in confidence if the need should arise?

The Solution

Using a custom Rally workflow, a human resource or hiring manager can give applicants a safe way to engage in the onboarding process, ask questions, or express concerns. Simply share with job applicants a phone number for texting or a link to an online page to complete forms, answer or submit questions, schedule interviews, or send private feedback at every step.

Regardless of how the applicant is classified or their place in the process, a manager can see all of the comments and answers in one easy-to-use dashboard, update their status, or respond directly or to a select group. And when you’ve made your hiring decision, quickly let the others know with a click of a mouse they are no longer in consideration and include a link to a final letter or form and successfully close the loop.


Job applicants and new employees are encouraged to speak up when they have a question or concern, even if they are remote, part-time, or hired through a third-party. Keep your pulse on the entire organization and every aspect of your workforce to foster a safe environment — regardless of their current employment status or place in your selection process.

The Rally Corp solution is an easy and effective way to improve employee engagement and reduce turnover. By providing conversational surveys and confidential text messaging, our solution empowers human resources managers to capture job applicant and employee concerns in a way that values and supports a positive and safe environment. Giving team members and candidates an easy-to-use, confidential way to be heard and voice their needs and concerns before they feel the need to take them public.