Mobilize people with P2P text messaging

Mobilize people with P2P text messaging
August 16, 2018 James

Get the word out fast and connect with confidence.

Send personalized texts with dynamic carrier routing and automatically monitor replies for positive and negative responses. Your message is too important to take a chance on it not landing the way you intended. Use the Rally True P2P™ powered by AI and advanced delivery features to maximize your reach and effectiveness.

Send highly customized and targeted messages at scale

Add your contact lists and build a custom message or script and easily review and send one-to-one or one-to-many, depending on your needs. The Rally Platform dynamically handles carrier requirements and ensures your messages arrive on time.

Develop authentic two-way conversations and use our built-in sentiment feature to filter and analyze replies as they come in, allowing you to focus on the chats that need immediate attention.

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Review and respond from an intelligent platform

Whether you are sending 1,000’s or 1,000,000’s of messages, the Rally Platform makes managing replies and relationships easy. Messages are automatically scored for sentiment and inspected for keywords or phrases, including a global opt-out.

Easily sort or filter incoming messages and respond in a chat-like interface to keep the conversation relevant and personal.

Texting is the most efficient and effective way to mobilize people, nearly 80% faster than sending an email with 12x the conversion rate. And now it’s smart. The Rally peer-to-peer (True P2P™) messaging solution is optimized to increase your connections and improve the quality of your conversations.

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We have competitive options and strategies to fit any size campaign and budget — we can support small groups with less than 1,000 members to massive campaigns with millions of contacts — we’d love to customize a plan for you. Contact us today to learn more.

*Msg & Data Rates May Apply. 24365 is a US SMS Short Code, other options available for international customers.