Peer to Peer text messaging with advanced features to ensure delivery.

Peer to Peer for TCPA compliant text messaging with advanced features to guarantee delivery.

Your message is too important to take a chance on it not landing the way you intend. Rally True P2P™ powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and state of the art delivery features maximize your reach and effectiveness. The Rally team can even manage your campaign for you.

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Send highly customized and targeted messages at scale

Add your contact lists and build a custom message or script and easily review and send one-to-one or one-to-many, depending on your needs. The Rally Platform dynamically handles carrier requirements and ensures your messages arrive on time.

Develop authentic two-way conversations and use our built-in sentiment feature to filter and analyze replies as they come in, allowing you to focus on the chats that need immediate attention.

Ongoing customer support

Rally Corp won’t leave you hanging. We offer a robust and guided implementation of our software, as well as advice on how to get the best results.

Our customer support is best-in-class. We’re here to field questions, speed up implementation, and get your program off the ground. We’ll even help you set up and manage your campaign.  Ask us for more information!

Customer Testimonials

  • “Rally has made an incredible impact in our communication techniques and our bottom line in a short period of time. Their technology and customer service is second to none.”

    Andrew A., – Owner AARE

    5-start review

  • “With Rally we are getting about ten times the conversion over just sending an email.  Scheduling messages for those who opt-in and using the Peer to Peer option to keep things personal and compliant gives us the flexibility we need.”

    Tracy A., – Marketing Manager TBC

    5-start review

  • “Rally is doing what no one else does, and their partnership with us is developing into what may become our primary sustainable competitive advantage.”

    – David C., Executive Director at Coast Care Partners

    5-start review

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We have competitive options and strategies to fit any size campaign and budget — we can support small groups with less than 1,000 numbers to massive campaigns with millions of contacts — we’d love to customize a plan for you.

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