Introducing Rally Sharing Pages

Introducing Rally Sharing Pages
November 15, 2018 James

Watch a quick demo video.
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Free Rally Sharing Pages for Our Partners

Key Benefits:

  • Make it super simple for people to opt-in to receive SMS updates and get a quick link to your donation page even if they want to keep their phone in their pocket!
  • Give donors the option to share with their friends their love for your cause, and quickly build your list of supporters.

We are passionate about bringing people together, and we can’t express how excited we are to work with so many amazing organizations and charities.  Our team has 15 years of experience working with over 8,500 nonprofits and charities driving awareness and increasing participation. With the growth of text messaging, there’s no better way to help organizations like yours connect & communicate with the people who make your mission possible.

As part of our quest to build and refine our platform to help our partners hit their goals, we are announcing a free pilot for charities that use our Text-2-Donate solution. Signup today and take advantage of a page like this one so your donors can easily opt-in to get updates and share their love for your cause with their friends.

Reduce the friction to opt-in for updates and make it simple to share with others. Sign up today! We’ll ask you a couple of questions and help you get started.

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