Rally Candidates & Employees

Rally Candidates & Employees
June 10, 2018 James

Meet candidates and employees on the channel they prefer.

Here are some of the highlighted features and how you can use them to capture feedback, chat privately, and streamline your recruitment, selection, and onboarding processes.  At Rally, we’re on a mission to help organizations better engage and delight the people they serve, and we believe mobile messaging when done right, is a great way to ensure your success in hiring and retaining talent.

Send current openings and relevant information or share links to applicant portals and forms through mobile messaging

Automatically send applicants a link to current job openings with instructions on how to apply when they text a number. You can also share videos from leadership about your culture or other relevant information, set reminders and schedule future messages to streamline the process.

For example, applicants can say things like “Current openings,” “How do I apply,” “I have a question,” or “What is it like working at Acme” – The options are limitless.

To access your customized options, a person sends a published keyword to 24365, or they simply text a phone number of your choosing.

Want to see it in action?  Schedule a personalized demo and free consultation.

The Rally Corp solution is an easy and effective way to streamline onboarding, improve employee engagement, and reduce turnover. Contact us today for a free consultation.