Engaging a Community. A Church Use Case.

Engaging a Community. A Church Use Case.
December 11, 2017 James

The Opportunity

We recently had the pleasure of working with a local San Diego church. Here is how they implemented a custom Rally workflow to engage their members and Sunday morning visitors.

New Visitor

Jane attends a church service and sees a message on an announcement slide to text the word “CONNECT” to a phone number displayed, she is then sent a link to a webpage hosted on their website about how she can get connected and register for an upcoming event.

Prayer Requests

John is having a rough week and really needs prayer, seeing a post on the pastor’s blog he sends in a confidential text message with his prayer request.  The pastors are then able to reply directly and set up a time for John to come in and meet with someone over congregational care.

Content Development

During the week, the lead teaching pastor would like to poll his congregation about topics related to the current sermon series.  Members and regular attendees are encouraged to subscribe to a list and are sent a message each Tuesday morning that prompts for a reply. The results are then compiled into that week’s home group study guides and a blog post.

Community Engagement

Wanting to make sure they remain relevant to their city, several churches who are part of the same network came together to run a few highly targeted ads. In these ads, they invited people to text a universal shortcode or participate by submitting a comment on a website landing page. They then compile these questions and developed content for their blogs and content series addressing the types of questions that came in throughout the month. For example, a person could text “What is Justification?” or “Can a Christian smoke pot if it is legal?”. Those who opt-in to participate, receive an invite to a local venue where there is a group of guys and gals who talk through these and other questions.


Using these examples and others like it, this church is continually looking for ways to engage, learn, and develop content and their programs to engage their city. We appreciate them allowing us to test and refine our processes and product and are more than happy to accommodate their budget with a special offer, which we’ll extend to other churches and non-profits (just ask).

The Rally Corp solution helps churches, ministries, and non-profits serve their members and donors, by providing another touchpoint to engage and develop both their programs and people. And with the convenience of text messaging, ability to manage their communication preferences, and the option to keep their personal information confidential, they are willing to subscribe and participate.