Capturing Confidential Employee Suggestions & Comments

Capturing Confidential Employee Suggestions & Comments
December 11, 2017 James

The Problem

Linda is a Human Resource professional at a growing technology company. Her Worker’s Compensation policy requires that she maintain a confidential employee suggestion and comment process. In the past, she’s used a small wooden box located in the breakroom. However, no one has ever used it. And to complicate matters, much of her workforce is remote, and several are contractors who never actually come into the office. Linda would like to hear from anyone if there is a problem as opposed to learning about it during an exit interview or online as a negative review.

The Solution

Using a custom Rally workflow, Linda now has several options for every member of her team to contact her, even the remote workers and contractors. And with the employees being confident their personal information remains confidential, they are more likely to engage allowing her the opportunity to respond directly.

Employees can submit their comments by sending a private text message.

No matter how the message was received or how the team-member is classified, Linda can see all of the comments in one easy-to-use dashboard and respond directly. She can even look for trends or common themes and address systemic issues before they get out of hand.


The team is encouraged to speak up when they have a question or concern, even if they are remote, part-time, or contract. Therefore, Linda feels she has her pulse on the entire organization and workforce and can confidently document how her process invites a safe and supportive environment. And while her insurance provider might like it; being the professional, she is, creating a safe environment makes her very happy.

A custom Rally workflow is an easy and effective way to improve employee engagement and reduce turnover. By providing conversational surveys and confidential text messaging, our solution empowers human resource professionals and managers to capture, measure, and respond to employee sentiment and input in a way that values and supports a positive and safe environment.