We make it painless for any business to capture and respond to customer, employee, and market feedback.

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Gather People. Gain Insights. Get Results

Why We Created Rally Corp

We created Rally Corp to help companies better engage and delight people.

Relationships are critical to your business success

Yet it is often difficult to make and maintain connections

We bridge the gap to drive engagement and gather insights

A unified view into what’s working and what can be improved

Our solution facilitates market research and stakeholder engagement by reducing barriers to gather and react to employees, customers, and prospects. We unify that view by bringing all data and responses together in one easy-to-use dashboard.


Gather people and data through our opt-in service or add your own lists to query.


Connect through events or in response to a comment or survey result.


Gain insight into what customers really want & improve their experience.

Remove Barriers

Remove barriers to drive engagement & build strong relationships.

Improve Participation

Improve participation & always close the feedback loop.

Listen & Learn

Understand what your employees, contractors, & key vendors think.

Examples & Use Cases

How Sam, Mary, and Linda used the Rally platform to enhance customer experience, improve employee satisfaction, and mitigate negative online reviews.

  • Incident Command | Product Research for Public Safety

    Rally Corp
  • Tactical Cameras | a Public Safety Market Research Example

    Rally Corp
  • Maximize your Conference ROI!

    Rally Corp
  • Meet your customer on their journey!

    Rally Corp

Increase engagement and improve experience.