The most advanced person-to-person texting solution for businesses and organizations

Rally removes the barrier to connect — share information, mobilize people, conduct surveys, and capture event RSVPs.


“Rally Corp allows me to receive real-time and honest feedback from my audience. It allows me to connect with customers and prospects who like to engage in the moment.”

– Chris S., Executive Mentor & Growth Expert

Texting is the best way to connect, nearly 80% faster than sending an email with 12x the conversion rate.

Build Relationships

Create authentic two-way relationships with your customers, staff, and other stakeholders.

Drive More Revenue

Understand what’s happening with your business to optimize your revenue streams.

Make Better Decisions

Get insights that immediately provide you with the ability to make better business decisions.

Answer Your Audience’s Questions

When your audience has a question, be there for them with an instant answer.

Protect Your Reputation

Instantly understand where you stand with the people who matter most to your business.

Close the Loop

Don’t leave them hanging. Use Rally Corp to close the loop on communication.

Connect with your customers in an effective and meaningful way.

Meet Rally Corp.

Real-time with your data

Add your contacts and merge your data to send custom person-to-person messages. Reply with an automated message or menu, chat in real-time or schedule when needed to keep the conversation going.


Easy to complete surveys & forms

Make life easy for your audience by offering easy to complete surveys and forms. Meet people where they are– on mobile– to increase completion rates. Enable event registration or simple questionnaires to be filled out entirely by texting. It even works with “dumb” phones!


Not your average business mobile messaging platform

Here’s why leaders choose Rally Corp.

When needed, Rally allows people to interact anonymously.

Simple Short Code
Using short code 24365, people can connect with you instantly.

Menus & Prompts
Setup menus, message routing or schedule mobile reminders.

Support for FB Messenger, Line, & WhatsApp coming soon.

Peer-2-Peer (P2P) options with smart merge tags and 1:1 chat.

Natural Language Processing
Rally Corp allows you to find insights and relationships in text.

It’s a rally for Rally Corp

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