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Our Story

If you could start a conversation with the people that directly affect your bottom line, what questions would you ask?

It seems like it would be easy to figure out what people think of your organization. But when you’re serving a large audience, people aren’t always forthcoming with their ideas.

Let’s face it– getting your audience to engage is a challenge, and most feedback methods put the burden on the customer, causing them to choose the path of least resistance, resulting in churn and negative reviews. Plus, existing tools do not drive engagement because they make it difficult to identify actionable data. It feels nearly impossible to close the loop.

Imagine if you could get in the heads of your customers, employees, and others that drive your organization forward.

We started Rally because we’re driven to help people like you create better, more trusting relationships with their audiences. We know what’s possible– and we’re building the best solution we can to help you build relationships through meaningful conversations. We’re on a mission to help companies better engage and delight the people who matter most.

Our solution makes it easy to collect and respond to questions and surveys from a single platform. Receive text messages from a universal short code, local, or toll-free number. Create conversational forms. Then analyze and reply to close the feedback loop.

We’re on a mission to help companies better engage and delight the people they serve.

We put people first.
We’re building Rally Corp for the benefit of people like you.

We believe in the power of relationships.
Building trust is the key to success.

We believe in results.
Our solution helps leaders make better business decisions.

Our Team

Rally Corp is a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, operators, and technology investors who share a passion to shorten the feedback loop and create the best possible experience for their customers’ key stakeholders.

James Martin
Co-founder and CEO

Michael Luckey
Co-founder & Director of Operations

Erik Birkfield
Head of Engineering

J. Eric Hill
VP of Marketing

Rally Corp is headquartered in sunny San Diego, CA

Interested in a career at Rally Corp? We’re hiring. Contact us to learn about our open positions. Send RALLY to 24365.