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How relational are your Text Messaging campaigns?

At Rally our core values drive everything we do. For example, we believe that people should always come first, and we believe in the power of relationships.  So, when we sat out to solve our own challenge with connecting with the people who wanted to hear from us but often couldn’t because of the noise and chatter in their inboxes, we built Rally.

We wanted to meet people on the channel they prefer and to do it in a way that was both personal and relational — the way we would want the companies we deal with to treat us. Frankly, we were appalled at how impersonal, onesided, and robotic other text messaging platforms were. We knew you and the people you communicate with deserved better.

About Rally

We started Rally because we’re driven to help people like you create better, more trusting relationships with their audiences. We know what’s possible– and we’re on a mission to help companies better connect with and move people successfully through workflows and funnels.

We are passionate about sharing our success by helping others, and we carve out a percentage of our time, talents, and technology to give back to nonprofits and organizations that serve our communities. Ask us about how we can help a cause that is close to your heart.

We’re on a mission to bring people together.

We put people first.
We’re building Rally for the benefit of people like you.

We believe in the power of relationships.
Building trust is the key to success.

We believe in results.
Our solution drives conversion and sales.

Rally Corp is headquartered in sunny San Diego, CA

Interested in a career at Rally Corp? We’re hiring. Contact us to learn about our open positions. Send RALLY to 24365.