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Use text messaging to connect with or provide confidential feedback to any business, for free!


Send your feedback to 24365 and follow the prompts.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Oh, and you can use it as often as you’d like. It’s free! (& spam free)


Rally is fast, easy, completely confidential, and free! Other methods are not.


SPAM & Ad Free

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How it Works

ONE NUMBER to text confidential feedback & comments to ANY* business.  It’s that simple!

Send feedback to start

Have an idea or experience to share? Just send a text and we’ll get it to the right person.

Share your experience

In some cases, an owner or manager may want to respond to you. We’ll forward their reply if you want us too.

Your info remains confidential

We won’t share your contact information. Ever. And we will not try to sell you anything.

Use often — it’s free!

And let us know if you want to participate in special events or surveys with the companies and brands you care about.

*We’ll do our very best to deliver your message,
but it is up to the receiving business to actually do something with it. If they don’t respond, you’ll still have the option to call or publish a review online.
Read our SMS Terms & Conditions by clicking this link | Send “HELP” for help | Send “STOP” to opt-out | Message and data rates may apply.

Examples of when to use Rally

Michael loves his gym, but...

Michael loves his gym, but he is too busy to run someone down to report a faulty shower head and leaving a negative review online didn’t seem fair. Using Text-2-Comment, he sent a message and got a reply from a manager addressing his concern.

Sarah just left a large store and...

Sarah left a large retail store before she realized they overcharged her for an item. Using Text-2-Comment, she sent a message to the local store manager, and he responded with instructions on how to get the difference refunded.  The process was easier than looking up the information on their website, and she didn’t run the risk of being added to a marketing email list just because she made an inquiry about an issue.

Jennifer wants to make sure the manager knows about...

Jennifer loves it when a local coffee shop gets her complicated order right. And while she leaves reviews online for her favorite spots, she uses Text-2-Comment to make sure management knows the names of the best baristas.

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