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Simplify the Complexities of Responding
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Text-2-Comment for Businesses

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Text-2-Comment For Businesses

A solution for any size business.

Small Businesses

Easy-to-use tools for lean-minded companies, like startups and local SMB’s.


Unified platform tools for fast-moving companies and established brands.


All hands on deck to support integration with existing corporate initiatives.

Examples & Customer Stories

  • Meet Carrie. She needs a refill.

    A story about customer engagement in real-time.

    Rally Corp’s Text-2-Comment solution helps restaurant staff serve their customers with excellence and managers identify areas for improvement. While providing customers an easy way to get what they need, send feedback, and ask questions. They’ll have the confidence to engage knowing their personal information will stay confidential.

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  • Meet Taylor. She has a concern.

    Helping an employee feel safe (& heard).

    Rally Corp’s Text-2-Comment for Employees and Teams is an easy and effective way to improve employee engagement and reduce turnover. By providing conversational surveys and confidential text messaging, our solution empowers human resource professionals and managers to capture, measure, and respond to employee sentiment and input in a way that values and supports a positive and safe environment.

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  • Meet Oliver. He’s ready.

    A frictionless customer experience.

    Rally Corp’s Text-2-Comment solution enables business owners to be aware of the needs of their customers, no matter how small. And if needed, respond to improve their experience. All while providing customers an easy way to raise concerns or ask questions before taking a bad experience online via social media or in a negative review. And as a bonus, using the Text-2-Comment universal number, a customer does not need to determine if a particular business is on the platform, they just send the message all the same.

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