Engagement software that builds relationships and closes the loop

Surveys, SMS marketing, and random emails don’t build trust. Rally Corp makes your interactions personalized, relevant, and insightful.


Pick a local or toll-free number to add texting to your business, or use 24365, our short code.


Set up a workflow with prompts to capture information, answer questions, or share resources.


Publish your number for people to initiate contact or add existing opt-in lists and send an invitation.


Start the conversation with the people who matter most and get actionable business insights– and close the loop.

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Frictionless engagement through meaningful interactions

Better engage and delight your customers & employees by offering a convenient inbound text message option and close the loop with a reply from our easy-to-use platform.

MOBILE SMS – Try it free

Leverage our mobile SMS/MMS technology to allow customers and employees to ask questions, send feedback, or complete forms and surveys by text message. Our solution is quick, convenient, and confidential.


Proactively collect and reply to feedback to drive engagement, stay ahead of negative reviews, and create better experiences. Use conversational forms and surveys to capture and respond to questions and comments.


Use our “24365” short code or assign a unique local or toll-free number for use in customer engagement and marketing campaigns. Completed surveys and text messages can be analyzed and responded to from a single platform.

“Rally Corp allows me to receive real-time and honest feedback from my audience. It allows me to connect with customers and prospects who like to engage in the moment.”

– Chris S.,
Executive Mentor & Growth Expert

“Thanks to Rally Corp I found out what my stakeholders really thought and was able to immediately take action to make improvements. They wisely and creatively shone a light into the corners of my company to better see where I am and where I should go.”

– David C.,
Executive Director at Coast Care Partners

Real-time and scheduled messaging

Setup text message menus and prompts, chat in real-time or schedule future messages and SMS reminders. Rally Corp makes it easy for your customers to connect and stay connected.

Using our tool, you can set up automated conversations to start discussions with the people who affect your organization’s bottom line.

Easy to complete surveys & forms

Make life easy for your audience by offering easy to complete surveys and forms. Meet people where they are– on mobile– to increase completion rates.

Decide what you want to know– and then use Rally Corp to create a customized survey, form, or questionnaire which can be sent and completed by your audience via text message.

Sentiment analysis

Rally Corp delivers sentiment analysis to help you gauge the overall feelings of a group of people.

Our sentiment analysis produces a positive or negative score to help you understand how you’re doing. It also identifies key phrases and words that come up over and over again.

Ongoing customer support

Rally Corp won’t leave you hanging. We offer a robust and guided implementation of our software, as well as advice on how to get the best results.

Our customer support is best-in-class. We’re here to field questions, speed up implementation, and get your program off the ground.

Tons of Ways to Use Rally Corp

Text messaging is the jumping off point. Rally Corp offers engagement tools that make it easier to build trusting relationships through each interaction.

Improve employee engagement by providing a confidential texting line

Control the interview process by sending reminders

Send surveys to frequent customers to understand what they love

Send back and forth texts without a cumbersome system

Capture and distribute information at a conference, event or webinar

Improve sales through more touchpoints in the customer journey

Drive engagement through meaningful interactions.