• Case Studies

    Rally Case Studies. Here are some of the stories our customers have shared about their success with Rally Managed Services.

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  • Announcing Rally Sharing Pages

    As part of our quest to build and refine our platform to help you hit your goals, we are announcing a free pilot for charities that use our Text-2-Donate solution.  Signup today and take advantage of a thank you page like this one so your donors can share their participation and love for your cause with their friends.

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  • Engage charity event participants

    Engage your charity participants in the moment and keep them connected to your cause long after the event. Make it easy for people to connect and sign up for future events, newsletters, or make donations — on the spot — by texting. The Rally Platform does not require an internet connection or an app download, they just send a text and follow the prompts.

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  • Increase giving with Rally Text-2-Donate

    Capture donations by text. Works with existing donation systems and we do not charge additional transaction fees. For a limited time, we are offering our simple Text-2-Donate workflow for only $25/month. Make it easy for your donors to give by text message and easy for your staff to reply with a thank you! The Rally team can have you up and running in minutes, meaning you can start capturing donations immediately.

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  • Meet prospects in the moment

    Use Rally to enable an inbound mobile messaging option for prospects and customers, and engage them in the moment. Here’s how it works… Share a telephone number or us our simple shortcode and a keyword of your choosing, and our platform will respond with your custom prompts and message.

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  • Improve customer experience

    Give your customers a way to reach you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by mobile message, and use autoresponders to make sure they get what they need — even when you’re not online. Share our simple shortcode with your customers, and our platform will respond with custom prompts when they send a message with your custom keyword.

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  • Simple event RSVP

    Event RSVP via texting improves participation. Responding to your event is as simple as sending a text. The Rally Platform can automatically send reminders or share website links and information as the event approaches. Share a keyword or phone number, or add your contact list and send an invitation to reply and register. It’s simple really; we’d love to show you.

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  • Easy to complete surveys & forms

    Create forms and simple surveys to be completed entirely by your audience or customers texting. Share a simple shortcode, and your custom keyword or phrase with an audience and the Rally platform will respond with prompts, questions, or links when triggered.

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  • Honest Feedback – Help me, to help you

    Gathering honest and actionable feedback and data is critical in any business as it is the fodder of direction and growth. The same goes for our individual improvement, and if you can get honest and specific feedback about your methods and outcomes as a teacher, leader, mentor, or manager, then you are in a position to make transformational changes that will enable you to be at the top of your game.

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  • Rally for Audience Engagement

    Use Rally to drive deeper engagement with your audience before, during, and after your event. Here’s how it works… Your audience sends your social media username to 24365, and our platform will respond with your custom prompts and message.

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  • Connect with your congregation in the moment via text message

    At Rally, we’re on a mission to help organizations better engage and delight the people they serve, and we believe mobile messaging when done right, is a great way to keep your church community connected to your vision and mission.

    • Easily share links, resources, and information
    • Simplify registration or form completions
    • Enable a ministry inbox or set up automatic prompts to capture needs
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  • Before you hit Send, please consider…

    I had two experiences recently that reinforced our product development direction at Rally. So much so in fact, I made it a point to talk about them with our engineering team and now I’d like to share them with you.

    They went something like this…

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  • Rally Feature Highlights

    At Rally, we’re on a mission to enhance your business’s ability to connect more deeply and easily with customers. When you succeed, we succeed. With this in mind, our platform has seven core features that drive everything we do.

    Universal, Smart Menus & Prompts, Simple Forms, No-Spam, Conversational, Confidential, and Natural Language Processing

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  • A Sampling of Text-2-Comments

    It has been a few months since we launched our Text-2-Comment service. We are grateful for our Early Adopters kicking the tires and helping us work out our kinks while we wait for the launch of our new shortcode and put the finishing touches on our new product.

    Thank you!

    We wanted to take a minute and share some of the brands that have been mentioned by our Text-2-Comment users…

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  • Doing More With Less. A Non-Profit Use Case

    Rally Corp helps non-profits and associations serve their donors and members, by providing another touchpoint to engage and develop both their organizational programs and people. And with the convenience of text messaging, ability to manage their communication preferences, and the option to keep their personal information confidential, both members and potential members are often more willing to engage and participate.

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  • Is Your Customer Feedback Stuck in an Echo Chamber?

    Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a valuable tool used to rank customer satisfaction and feedback. But when concerns arise, that score doesn’t always offer accurate insights into your user experience.

    Are you starting to hear rumblings that a valued customer is looking to leave even though they have been giving you excellent scores on their NPS surveys? Unfortunately, it is a common scenario.

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  • Spotlight, Story, Action: 3 Essential Elements to Boost Customer Engagement

    Only 23% of businesses are successfully measuring customer experience when researching a product

    A 2016 study conducted by Temkin Group on Customer Experience (CX) reveals room for improvement in regards to collecting and implementing customer experience data. There is a wealth of valuable information to be found in CX that can help guide product development that is vastly underutilized.

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  • Launching a Startup? Avoid these 5 Common Mistakes

    Having a great business concept and executing it effectively aren’t mutually exclusive. However, my experience working with startups has taught me that there is much more to it than a good idea, passion and work ethic. Simple planning and effective strategy can help you steer clear of these common pitfalls…

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  • Finding your Voice of Customer (VOC)

    Remember the popular children’s book, Where’s Waldo? In the book, readers are given a call to action: To find the distinctively dressed Waldo-wearing a striped shirt, red hat, and spectacles- on each page of the book. While seek-and-find-books are a popular concept in children’s literature, Waldo really took it to the next level. It was genuinely difficult to find Waldo! Many times reading this book to my kids, I would be tempted to move on without finding the target. But alas, the small people had something to say about that!

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  • The Market and Product Sweet Spot

    When a baseball player connects with the ball in the perfect location on the bat, the momentum of the bat and the ball come together to get the perfect hit. That’s what is called finding the sweet spot. Wouldn’t it be great if every hit connected perfectly with the sweet spot?

    In marketing, the sweet spot is when a product or service connects in that perfect place with our customer’s felt need. Much time, effort, and expense are spent in discovering how to connect with that sweet spot.

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