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  • Virtual Planning Sessions | Giving Tuesday 2020

    Giving Tuesday is just a few weeks away — it’s coming fast!

    So here’s what we’re going to do. We’ve talked to a number of our clients, and they have agreed — it would be beneficial for us to get together on an intimate call/zoom session where we share three to five things that we’re all working on — what’s working well, talk through some trends that we see, and discuss with our peers what we are learning and doing.

    Our first session is on November 6th, so be sure to reserve your spot today!

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  • How Rally Is the Best in the World at Creating Sustained Impact for Charities and Causes

    Sustained Impact for our charitable and cause clients is at the heart of everything we do here at Rally. Here is a model that explains how our products and services accomplish our mission to help you acquire, engage, and retain donors.

    This is how Rally is best in the world at creating sustained impact for charities and causes.

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  • Free Course: How to Use Text Messaging to Engage & Retain Donors

    Staying in touch with past donors is a real challenge. This course will share how to use conversational text messaging to forge a strong, authentic relationship with your donors. The result will be supporters who feel connected and give more.

    The course is completely free.  Just use complete this form, and we’ll send you an email with instructions. 

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  • Webinar: 5 Things to Consider Before Texting Donors

    Join us as we share five things you should consider before you text donors — especially for the first time. In our time together,

    The numbers are staggering: 39% of people have more than 100 unread emails in their inbox, with 20% saying they have over 1,000, 98% of text messages get opened, most in just a few minutes, and yet 45% of people reply to branded text message blasts

    So it is no wonder why so many non-profits are turning to text messaging as a means to engage and retain donors, but before you jump on that “bandwagon” and hit send, you should consider…

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  • Webinar: 7 Steps to Launch an Effective (& Compliant) Text Messaging Campaign

    When new customers start texting for the first time, we get asked these three questions:

    1) How do I stay compliant (avoid steep penalties and fines) when sending mass text messages?
    2) How do I get the best results and maximize my ROI?
    3) What should I do now to get ready? From policy and procedures to data/list preparation, our customers want to know what they should expect.

    We’ll address these questions and much more in our next webinar. Be sure to register today!

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  • 2020 Collaborative: Marketing Funnels and Donor Conversion in a Time of Crisis

    We have the honor of participating in Classy’s 2020 Collaborative, presenting on Marketing Funnels and Donor Conversion in a Time of Crisis. Here is a short description of our time together: How do you get your message out, ensure it lands as intended, and yields the desired result? Some studies suggest that an average adult attention span is 10-15 minutes with short term as low as 8 seconds. The average consumer sees about 5,000 ads a day. Under normal circumstances, building a sustainable funnel of donors is hard enough, but these are incredibly challenging times. We must look for every opportunity to create clarity and confidently inspire others to join our mission. In this session, we will look at strategies, tools, and tactics that we can use today to plan, build, and launch a marketing funnel that yields results.

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  • Webinar: How to Fundraise in a Time of Crisis | An Interview with Tim Gunsolley

    In this webinar, we interviewed Tim Gunsolley, President/CEO of Elevation Growth Partners, and discussed his latest series “Fundraising in a Time of Crisis.”

    Tim Gunsolley is President/CEO of Elevation Growth Partners and founder of Gift Mapping Strategies. Elevation has served over 400 ministries including, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Cru, David C. Cook Publishing, Denver Seminary, Greg Laurie Harvest Ministries, Dr. Dobson’s Family Talk, National Day of Prayer, and Summit Ministries, Groundwire, Partners International, One Mission Society, and many more.

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